About Barna Group

Who is the Barna Group?
Barna Group is a visionary research and resource company located in Ventura, California. Started in 1984, the firm is widely considered to be a leading research organization focused on the intersection of faith and culture.

What is the vision of Barna Group?
The vision is to provide people with credible knowledge and clear thinking, enabling them to navigate a complex and changing culture.

What does Barna Group do?
Barna Group offers a range of customized research, resources and training to serve churches, non-profits, businesses and leaders. The company provides primary research; diagnostic tools; print and digital resources; leadership development; training and keynote talks; and organizational enhancement.

Who does Barna Group serve?
The company has worked with thousands of non-profit organizations and churches across the country, including many Protestant and Catholic congregations, denominations, and faith leaders. Some of its notable clients have included the Salvation Army, World Vision, Compassion, the American Bible Society, and Habitat for Humanity. It has also served mainstream business and non-profit leaders at organizations like SONY, Walden Media, Easter Seals, CARE, the ONE Campaign, the Humane Society, the Gates Foundation, and NBC Universal.

Barna Group's work is relied upon by media, churches and educational institutions for insight into matters of faith and contemporary society. Its public opinion research is frequently quoted in major media outlets, such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and The Los Angeles Times.

What is the history of Barna Group?
Barna Research Group was founded in 1984 by George Barna. As a marketing research firm, it primarily served Christian ministries, non-profit organizations and various media and financial corporations. During its nearly three decades of work, Barna Group has carefully and strategically tracked the role of faith in America, developing one of the nation’s most comprehensive database on spiritual indicators.

In 2009, after starting out as an intern and working 14 years for the company, David Kinnaman acquired the Barna Group under the auspices of Issachar Companies, Inc. Issachar continues to do business as Barna Group. A 17-year research veteran, Kinnaman currently serves as the president of Barna Group, and is the majority owner of Barna Group.