Barna Group was one of the first research companies to examine the intersection of faith and culture. The cultural elements the company explores include technology and lifestyles, social values and political opinions, and other dimensions of American society. This section of the Barna website helps you access our information and resources on culture.

Top-100 Churched and Churchless Cities in America

April 22, 2015—The U.S. has a reputation for being exceptionally religious—and it is true that, historically speaking, churchgoing has played an outsized role in American identity. But is it still true? Does regular church attendance continue to be a prominent feature of American life?

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Americans' Perceptions of the Bible's Global Reach

April 7, 2015—Of the world’s 6,901 languages actively used as first languages, less than half have a completed Bible or even a completed Bible portion. If this number surprises you, you aren’t alone. Nearly three-quarters of Americans mistakenly believe the Bible is currently available in all of the world’s languages (72%).

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What Do Americans Believe About Jesus? 5 Popular Beliefs

April 1, 2015—Jesus Christ remains a central figure and perennial person of interest in the American religious landscape—especially in the days leading up to Easter. And 2015 is no exception.

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2015 State of Atheism in America

March 24, 2015—This past year, Barna Group has spent a considerable amount of time studying the unchurched—those who have not attended church within the past six months.

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