Barna Group was one of the first research companies to examine the intersection of faith and culture. The cultural elements the company explores include technology and lifestyles, social values and political opinions, and other dimensions of American society. This section of the Barna website helps you access our information and resources on culture.

Birdman vs. Mockingjay: The Movies Americans Watched in 2014

February 25, 2015—Winning an Oscar doesn’t necessarily equal box office gold.

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Most Americans Didn’t Watch Oscar-Nominated Films

February 23, 2015—Millions of viewers tuned in to the 87th Academy Awards last night, but for many this was their first look at the top films. Barna’s annual movie-going study revealed that Best Picture nominees were among the least attended of the 30 films surveyed.

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The Top Bible-Minded Cities in America

Hollywood has been betting big money that America still loves the Bible. From Noah to Exodus to the forthcoming Last Days in the Desert, a fictional look at Jesus’ temptation in the desert, Scripture has returned to the screen. But what is America’s relationship with the Bible?

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George Barna & David Kinnaman on the Rise of the Churchless

January 8, 2015—In Churchless, their first collaborative effort, Barna Group founder and former president, George Barna, and current Barna president and owner, David Kinnaman, take a look at the rising population of adults who do not attend church.

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