While Americans are considered to be among the most generous people globally, the economic turmoil has put even more pressure on donors and on nonprofit leaders. At the same time, millions of Americans say they want to make a difference and expect to work on causes bigger than themselves. Use this section of the Barna website to make sense of the challenges and opportunities in the nonprofit space.

The Economy Continues to Squeeze Americans’ Charitable Giving

The Economy Continues to Squeeze  Americans’ Charitable GivingJune 28, 2012 – Many experts believe the world economy, weighed down by trouble in Europe and diminishing growth in China, is slowing down. A new public opinion survey by the Barna Group shows deepening economic concerns among American adults and increasing downward pressure on their charitable donations.

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Donors Proceed with Caution, Tithing Declines

heavenMay 10, 2011 -The economy has changed many aspects of American life. A new research study by the Barna Group explores how the charitable landscape has changed over the last two and a half years.

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Churches Stand to Lose Several Billion Dollars in Lost Donations Due to Economic Downturn

altDecember 1, 2008 – Tens of millions of Americans have already suffered substantial financial losses in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and subsequent financial challenges.

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Despite Benefits, Few Americans Have Experienced Short-Term Mission Trips

altOctober 6, 2008 – A century ago, missionaries had to commit to years of service. With the comparative ease and affordability of travel, church and non-profit leaders now encourage a different form of congregational engagement: short-term mission trips.

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