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Barna Report: States 2015

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Name: alabama
File Size: 891.8kB
Name: arizona
File Size: 844.33kB
Name: arkansas
File Size: 892.5kB
Name: california
File Size: 816.05kB
Name: colorado
File Size: 830.14kB
Name: connecticut
File Size: 819.55kB
Name: delaware
File Size: 857.84kB
Name: florida
File Size: 883.47kB
Name: georgia
File Size: 886.57kB
Name: idaho
File Size: 814.39kB
Name: illinois
File Size: 828.47kB
Name: indiana
File Size: 828kB
Name: iowa
File Size: 860.28kB
Name: kansas
File Size: 873.73kB
Name: kentucky
File Size: 892.99kB
Name: louisiana
File Size: 892.41kB
Name: maine
File Size: 837.24kB
Name: maryland
File Size: 824.58kB
Name: massachusetts
File Size: 822.62kB
Name: michigan
File Size: 859.89kB
Name: minnesota
File Size: 875kB
Name: mississippi
File Size: 893.38kB
Name: missouri
File Size: 860.47kB
Name: nebraska
File Size: 861.23kB
Name: nevada
File Size: 829.42kB
Name: new-hampshire
File Size: 901.49kB
Name: newjersey
File Size: 840.03kB
Name: new-mexico
File Size: 845.98kB
Name: new-york
File Size: 833.07kB
Name: north-south-dakota
File Size: 819.08kB
Name: ohio
File Size: 828.36kB
Name: oklahoma
File Size: 844.41kB
Name: oregon
File Size: 833.85kB
Name: pennsylvania
File Size: 825.4kB
Name: rhode-island
File Size: 822.59kB
Name: south-carolina
File Size: 886.12kB
Name: tennessee
File Size: 892.5kB
Name: texas
File Size: 840.74kB
Name: utah
File Size: 829.61kB
Name: virginia
File Size: 838.47kB
Name: vermont
File Size: 836.36kB
Name: washington
File Size: 833.51kB
Name: wisconsin
File Size: 859.58kB
Name: west-virginia
File Size: 892.3kB
Name: wyoming-montana
File Size: 953.97kB
Name: north-carolina
File Size: 885.96kB

Christian Retail (PDF)

The Rise of E-Reading: What Digital Content Means for Customer Loyalty, Products and Retailing

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Name: Christian Retail
File Size: 1.61MB

Pastors + Books

Includes 1 print copy, PDF version, and a private, one-hour consultation with the Barna research team.

The Rise of E-Reading: How Christian Leaders Are Buying Books and Consuming Content


Pastors + Books / Christian Retail Combo

Buy the Pastors + Books Report Along with the Christian Retail Report and Save $50!


Personal Spiritual Inventory (20 copies)

Download the Personal Spiritual Inventory—a simple but valuable 2-page self-assessment tool. Individuals should complete the 50-question inventory on their own. License limited to 20 individuals per purchase.

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Name: Personal Spiritual Inventory
File Size: 271.24kB

State of the Church & Family Report

How Families Are Rethinking Their Connections with Churches.

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Name: State of the Church & Family
File Size: 182.67kB

State of the Church & Family, The Family & Technology

Save nearly 25% when you purchase these two digital reports together.

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Name: State of the Church & Family + Family & Technology
File Size: 298.98kB