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Christian Retail (PDF)

The Rise of E-Reading: What Digital Content Means for Customer Loyalty, Products and Retailing

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Name: Christian Retail
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Pastors + Books

Includes 1 print copy, PDF version, and a private, one-hour consultation with the Barna research team.

The Rise of E-Reading: How Christian Leaders Are Buying Books and Consuming Content


Pastors + Books / Christian Retail Combo

Buy the Pastors + Books Report Along with the Christian Retail Report and Save $50!


State of the Church & Family, The Family & Technology

Save nearly 25% when you purchase these two digital reports together.

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Name: State of the Church & Family + Family & Technology
File Size: 298.98kB

The Family & Technology Report

How Technology is Helping Families—And Where They Need Help.

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Name: The Family & Technology
File Size: 265.02kB