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Organic Church

Healthy Churches Respond to the Revolution DVD

The Church is changing - quickly and radically. Three experts describe the nature of the changes that are reshaping how people experience and express their faith.


Pagan Christianity (hardcover)

Have you ever wondered why we Christians do what we do for church every Sunday morning?


Re-Churching The Unchurched CD

In this practical audio cd, George Barna relies upon interviews with several thousand unchurched people to describe who the unchurched are and how we might most easily and appropriately connect with them.



A former pastor of a megachurch, Stephen Mansfield, describes his own painful journey away from and then back to the local church, along with others who have had similar experiences of pain and healing.


Revolution (hardcover)

By George Barna


Revolution Book + DVD

George Barna stirred the Church with his bestselling book, Revolution. It pointed out that millions of born again believers were rethinking what it meant to be the church, rather than simply going to church.


Revolution CD

There is a new breed of Christ-follower in America today. These are people who are more interested in being the Church than in going to church.


The House Church Book

In a world where the church is being ignored, it is time to bring the church to the people, and not the people to the church, says researcher and church strategy consultant Wolfgang Simson. His book Houses that Change the World (originally published in th