Barna Report: States 2015

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Name: alabama
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Name: arizona
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Name: arkansas
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Name: california
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Name: colorado
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Name: connecticut
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Name: delaware
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Name: florida
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Name: georgia
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Name: idaho
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Name: illinois
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Name: indiana
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Name: iowa
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Name: kansas
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Name: kentucky
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Name: louisiana
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Name: maine
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Name: maryland
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Name: massachusetts
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Name: michigan
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Name: minnesota
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Name: mississippi
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Name: missouri
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Name: nebraska
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Name: nevada
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Name: new-hampshire
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Name: newjersey
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Name: new-mexico
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Name: new-york
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Name: north-south-dakota
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Name: ohio
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Name: oklahoma
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Name: oregon
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Name: pennsylvania
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Name: rhode-island
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Name: south-carolina
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Name: tennessee
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Name: texas
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Name: utah
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Name: virginia
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Name: vermont
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Name: washington
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Name: wisconsin
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Name: west-virginia
File Size: 892.3kB
Name: wyoming-montana
File Size: 953.97kB
Name: north-carolina
File Size: 885.96kB


How well do you know the spiritual profile of your state?

Every state has its own spiritual profile—a picture of its people’s religious views, attitudes and lifestyles.

With Barna’s new States reports, you can get an expanded, new view of your area, and gain a greater understanding of the people you’re trying to serve.  What denomination are most residents in your state? How often do they attend church? How often do they open their Bibles? What’s their age, gender and ethnic makeup?

Get answers to these questions and many more with these reports, featuring 256 data points such as:

  • Religious affiliation
  • Church attendance
  • Bible engagement
  • Faith habits
  • Demographics

What’s new for 2015:

  • Comparative analysis providing a look at your entire region
  • More ways to analyze the data – now includes more than 250 data factors
  • Bigger database – More than 60,000 interviews (up from 42,000 last time)

In an information-driven, post-Christian culture, you need the most current data. Equip yourself with the nation’s most powerful database on faith, so you can connect with the people in your area more effectively. Barna’s proprietary theolographic® data provides a unique resource for leaders, helping you navigate a changing world.

These individual reports are a simple and affordable way to access just the information you need.

Download sample States report

Learn more. Read a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for your organization.

Order the complete 2-volume set.  If your ministry or organization operates across the nation, you need this comprehensive database of all 117 cities and 48 states to understand which areas to focus on for greatest results.