• Finding a Place: Faith, Work and Identity

    Finding a Place: Faith, Work and Identity

    April 16, 2014—It's the middle of another election year. And while midterms historically draw a smaller crowd of voters, they bring to the forefront of political conversation a variety of issues intended to energize voter bases and solidify party candidates. Predictably, one of those issues is once again immigration.

  • The State of the Bible: 6 Trends for 2014

    The State of the Bible: 6 Trends for 2014

    April 8, 2014 — The Bible has been making its way onto box office screens and home TV screens over the past year: from Noah to Son of God, people have been watching the Bible. But are they still reading the Bible? And do they still believe in the Bible?

  • David Kinnaman and Jon Tyson Discuss Millennials, “Nones

    David Kinnaman and Jon Tyson Discuss Millennials, “Nones" and a Renewed Vision for Church

    General church attendance has been on the decline for the past decade and nearly one-third of Millennials who grew up in the church have dropped out at some point. Yet many continue to return two days a year: Christmas and Easter.

  • Americans Divided on the Importance of Church

    Americans Divided on the Importance of Church

    March 25, 2014 — What, if anything, helps Americans grow in their faith? When Barna Group asked, people offered a variety of answers—prayer, family or friends, reading the Bible, having children—but church did not even crack the top-10 list.

  • What Do Protestants Think of Pope Francis?

    What Do Protestants Think of Pope Francis?

    March 18, 2014 — He was the most talked-about person of 2013 and winner of TIME’s “Person of the Year” award. Google Translate coders have set his name to translate as “a better world.”

Barna Labs
59% of young people will leave the church.
How can we reverse this trend?
Barna Labs

Barna Labs is a full–year learning experience, with diagnostic surveys and practical training from David Kinnaman and the Barna team.

Join us for Barna Labs, and you'll gain a better understanding of how you're doing in your ministry to Millennials (ages 11-29), as well as develop a plan of action for ministering more effectively to this important age group.

Diagnostic Surveys

We will equip you with survey diagnostics so you can conduct Barna Group certified research in your own church or organization. This will give you an accurate profile of how you're doing with young adults and teens.

You'll be able to measure the following among the Millennials you work with:

  • The spiritual journeys of the Millennials you work with
  • Their perceptions of Christianity and of your church
  • The depth of relational connections
  • How well your church engages students with the Bible
  • How well parents understand the goals of your church
  • How aligned the staff at your church is on ministry to Millennials
  • How your church stacks up against other leading churches *
  • And much more... ask us for a complete list of diagnostics

Barna Labs can also be customized for your specific youth groups or young adult ministry. Contact us for more details.

* This feature is available at the Guided and Custom levels
Barna Labs


Over the course of one full year, you'll learn personally from David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group and a nationally recognized expert on Millennials, the Barna team, and other experts on how to engage young people in your church or organization.

The training will take place in an interactive, web-based format where you can ask questions and communicate with other Barna Labs participants. Best of all, they’ll be archived so you can go back any time and review.

At the Guided and Custom levels, you will participate in two innovative learning experiences in Ventura, California. The first will take place in February 2014, to help you begin your improvement process. The second will happen in November 2014, as a wrap-up event, celebrating success and reviewing what we learned. These experiential, community-building events will be gatherings to remember. We hope you'll join us!

You'll learn about:

  • Engaging Millennials with the Bible
  • Discipling in an age of screens, narcissism and pop culture
  • Communicating in "Digital Babylon"
  • Connecting vocation (or calling) to discipleship
  • Teaching deep theological truths to Millennials
  • Understanding and influencing Millennials' morality
  • Applying research findings to enhance your ministry
  • And much more... ask us for a complete syllabus
Barna Labs
Barna Labs
Barna Labs
Barna Labs

Labs kicks off February 25, 2014
Join Barna Labs Today

Join a select group of like-minded leaders for the inaugural session of Barna Labs.
Apply Now. Interested? Questions? Complete the form below or email Robert Jewe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also call us at 1-800-55-BARNA.